Interactive audio ambiences

Create a background soundscape to your liking to bring positive spin on working from home, get a good night's sleep, or just to create the right mood in the room.
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    Requires macOS Big Sur or later.

Atmospheric day & night ambience

Interact with scene elements like the sun, the clouds, the river, and more to create the soundscape right for you.

Interactive play

Explore a variety of setups and find secret sounds that flawlessly merge into the ambience.

Tips at your finger ... tips.

Blend in the scene tips to get help which elements are interactive and how to use them to build your soundscape.

A good night's sleep

Create the perfect sleep setup or let Ambience on autoplay. Let the app put your computer to sleep too.

Help us pick the next ambience to add to the app

To help us pick vote in our poll on Twitter.

Download now and create your own personal soundscapes.