width=300 align=center rounded=0 Version 1.4

dataTile for Simulator 1.4 is a minor update bringing a number of quality-of-life improvements to the app:

  1. When you relaunch your iOS app from Xcode — dataTile for Simulator detects the restart and resets the data in the currently visible tiles so you see only the data since the latest app launch. This improvement relieves the need to add pre-run script to projects — dataTile now detects relaunches and reset the data on its own.

width=622 align=center rounded=0 Reset data on launch

  1. A new checkbox in the app Settings window called Bring on top when reopening tile controls whether the dataTile for Simulator window will appear on top of other apps when it opens URLs of the format tile://new/[app name].

width=550 align=center rounded=0 Focus on reopen checkbox in preferences

  1. The app will now display a more detailed error messages should it experience issues connecting to the Xcode Simulator due to Sandbox restrictions. In this case re-selecting the Xcode.app bundle should resolve the issue.

width=372 align=center rounded=0 Focus on reopen checkbox in preferences

  1. A number of improvements to the Knowledge Base content to match some of the latest changes in the UI.

Enjoy dataTile for Simulator 1.4!

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