width=300 align=center rounded=0 Version 1.7

dataFude 1.7 is a minor update bringing the following new features:

  1. Introduces the first special dataFude syntax!

So far dataFude recognizes automatically certain log values — for example Enabled: true or Working: NO are rendered as switch tiles without any special syntax:

width=510 align=center rounded=0 dataFude window with a switch tile

Version 1.7 introduces the first custom syntax that enables a dataFude feature — the $symbol() function renders an SF Symbol for when you need to display a status or action in a more visual way.

Users can use Apple’s SF Symbols app to find out the names of thousands of Apple provided SF Symbols: https://developer.apple.com/sf-symbols/

width=616 align=center rounded=0 SF Symbols

Using the new function with the symbol name, log values like: Logged: $symbol(checkmark.seal) or Network: $symbol(flame.fill) and dataFude renders the symbols:

width=811 align=center rounded=0 SF Symbol in dataFude

  1. Fixes a rare crash in the Knowledge Base window.
  2. Sets a bigger minimal width for the Knowledge Base window in order to fit most article titles.

Enjoy dataFude 1.7!

width=157 align=center rounded=0 Version 1.7